An infantry rifle platoon is comprised of an HQ Section and 3 Rifle
Sections. Usually there is also a Platoon Sergeant’s group that might include a
long-range rifle, radio operator and 60mm Mortar but these roles are either
redundant in game terms or we deliver the capability in a different way.

Platoon HQ
Platoon HQ is made up of 3-5 men and is responsible for the running of
the Pl both in and out of operations.

Pl Commander
The Pl Comd is responsible for making the tactical decisions. Generally
positioned a tactical bound behind the lead section, his main role is command
and control. He will control the movement of the Platoon, coordinate any
supporting assests and selecting Pl RV’s and harbour areas.

Pl Sergeant
The Pl Sgt is responsible for the administration of the Platoon. Usually
located in the Pl HQ Warrior or, in the dismounted role, towards the rear of
the Pl. He controls the movement of the reserve section. His responsibilities
include evacuating casualties, placement of weapons and coverage of arcs in Pl
areas, distributing ammunition and stores, and assisting the Pl Comd with
co-ordinating support assets. He is the first to takes over command of the Pl
if the Pl Comd is incapacitated.

Pl Medic
The Pl Medic is responsible for the treatment of all casualties within
the Pl. He is generally located with the Pl Sgt.

Pl Signaller/Gunner
Assists the Pl Comd with communications on the Company Net. Also
employed as close protection for the Pl Comd. As we do not play a Coy HQ in
game at this time, the signaller will form part of the Pl Comd’s Warrior crew
as the gunner.

Pl Runner/Pl Comd's Driver
Acts as close protection for the Pl Medic and assists the Pl Sgt in
carrying out administrative tasks when the Pl is in the dismounted role. Drives
the Platoon HQ Warrior when mounted.

The Rifle Section
Each rifle section is divided into two fire teams, called Charlie and

Section Commander
Rifleman (UGL)
Section 2i/c
Rifleman (CTM)

Section Commander
The Section Commander is in overall command of the section. He runs
Charlie fire-team and is responsible for the tactical movement of the section.
Is main role involves issuing arcs and boundaries and he will generally lead
the assaulting party during an attack.

Section 2i/c
The Second in Command of the section runs Delta fire-team. He is
responsible for the administration of the section. His role includes extracting
casualties, co-ordinating the fire-plan during an assault and selecting
positions for section weapons during a section stop.

Generally tasked with carrying an ILAW along with spare link for the

Rifleman (UGL)
A rifleman equipped with an L17A2 UGL as well as spare link for the
Gunner. Often the most experienced rifleman within the section.

Rifleman (CTM)
A rifleman with a secondary task of acting as a Team Medic for the
section, treating minor casualties or stabilising serious casualties until the
Pl Medic can reach them.

Carries the bulk of the fire-team and section firepower, armed with
either an LMG or GPMG.

“The Point Man"
The Point Man (or 'Lead Scout') is often erroneously thought of as a
fixed position within a rifle section. In actuality, it is just the name given
to whichever member of the section is first in the order of march (on point).
Good practice is to rotate the point man depending on the tactical situation or
to keep a fresh pair of eyes up front.
Any member of the section can be Point Man and there is no hard and fast
rule as to who it is. There are however, some considerations:

• Should be relatively experienced.
• Competent with map reading.
• Have good Ground Sign and Situational Awareness.
• Armed with a suitable weapon.

Note that the Point Man is not responsible for the navigation of the
Section. The Section Commander navigates the section and selects the route to
be taken. The Point Man only picks the best way to cover the ground on the
route the Sec Comd has chosen.